Thursday, March 20, 2008

Show off episode

No pics of cupcakes but..... It's the chief baker's 3rd wedding anniversary cum xxth birthday! And what did we do on this special day? The man of the house brought me to an upmarket restaurant for dinner, a place where the ambience is just wonderful, not to mention the stunning view from the 70th Storey of Swissotel The Stamford's Equinox Restaurant!

Simple starter of assorted warm bread and olive oil

The fantastic view of the Singapore skyline
On another note, these were some sugar cookies made using a newly acquired toy! Chip n Dale cookie cutter. (I realised I only used 1 of the cutter when I happily cut the cookies till all the dough was used up!)

Saturday, March 1, 2008

The cupcakes are going places!

They say the rich are snobs. Not true!

These cupcakes were delivered to a lady who ordered them for her daughter's 13th birthday. It was a red, silver and grey themed birthday party. They live in a cosy home off Orchard Rd, the town and shopping district of sunny Singapore. And to be able to live in that area probably means they must be pretty well off!

I was greeted with a warm smile by the doting mummy, who even offered to get me a drink! No airs of the wealthy, as she curiously looked on while I opened the box of regular cuppies. It made my day when she commented how pretty the cupcakes looked!

45 regular vanilla and chocolatey cupcakes

An artistic shot in black and white

A cupcake conversation

Cioccolato: Did you hear that? They said they can't bear to eat us cos we're too pretty!

Schokolade: Is that right?

Cioccolato: Yeah, we're saved from the hard fact of being gobbled and devoured by cupcake hungry scavengers!

Schokolade: What's the point when we're made for consumption anyway? Now don't be a dumb blonde and just sit there and look pretty..

Cioccolato: Now who are you calling a dumb blonde, you red head?!?!

Schokolade: . . . . . . . . . . . . .

** The above conversation took place in an office setting when they were given away as farewell gifts... Cioccolato is the cupcake with creamy yellow buttercream while Schokolade is the other red head. Ah... no wonder the name calling!