Thursday, January 29, 2009

Blog Flood!

It's a day of food, food and more food! The youths in our church came over for a pot blessing last Saturday. What's served on the dining table you asked? Loads!! We've got green curry, pizza, chicken wings, pasta and the chief baker's signature stewed beef and Jamie Oliver style roast chicken. No pics of the food, but hey! Cupcakes were in the making as the girls baked a batch of them and decorated to their heart's content.. Just look at how creative Sus and Cass can be:

These were objects of photography on that day!
My favourite pic of them all...

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Proud to be part of it...

A couple that is so close to my heart decided to spend the rest of their lives together and tied the knot on 10th Jan 2009. No words can express the joy that fills my heart as I see the bride walk down the aisle while the groom sings of his love for her. They say wedding is but for a day, but a marriage is a lifetime. And I can attest to it.

Dear NelGin, as you walk this path together, may you find joy in each other, a confidante in your wife, and a head of the household in your husband...

400 mini-me's for the big day.
Photos courtesy from our photographer friend, Heng Kah! Just look at the outstanding quality of the shots!

Monday, January 5, 2009

The story of 3 girly beans & a day of fun...

It was the Saturday before Children's Day! And 3 girly beans decided to make cupcakes for a children's home! So the 3 met at the chief baker's home for a morning of fun and adventure!

First, they had to make the cupcakes. So the trio huffed and puffed as they whipped and mixed:

The cocoa

The eggs

And not to forget the milk!

And finally the cupcake batter was done! So into the liners went the batter, each a scoop, not too much and not too full:
The chief baker's favourite batter scoop

And then into the oven they all went:

And while the cupcakes doubled in size, the girly beans made the buttercream nice:

"A little of blue", said Suzy Poo. So a little went into the buttercream pool:

"Too little!" said the other, so more went into the butter:

"Nice!" said the third, so that made the colour:

And so it was with the other 2 colours:

With the buttercream ready, the bags were filled:

And so were the sprinklers all ready for use:

"The chocolate curls!" yelled the chief baker. And so they were also put to use:

The cupcakes are ready, and the girls' hands are steady:

So a piping bag each and voila! Wonders were created as each hand rotated:

And out came boxes of cupcakes with love!

And so was the story of 3 girly beans, 1 a chief baker and 2 wannabes!
Aside to Suzy Poo and Claude: Thank you girls for the wonderful time!