Saturday, August 11, 2007

Lowdown of what's in the box

Here's the lowdown of what's offered in a box of happiness:

Cupcake sizes:
Regular => 5.5cm across top in black cuppies. Minimum order of 20 cupcakes of 1 flavour.
Mini-me => 4cm across top in various colour cuppies. Minimum order of 30 cupcakes. Mini-Me's only come in chocolatey chocolate flavour.

Frosting and decorations:
Cupcakes come in standard buttercream frosting with simple sprinklers, or plain cupcakes with simple fondant cutout. Customised designs and individual packaging are available upon request, additional charges may apply. All orders are packed in normal cake boxes.

Special toppers are available. Additional costs may apply.

Flavours available:
Vanilla and orange
Chocolatey chocolate
Chocolate and mint

Delivery charges:
Delivery charges at $20 islandwide.

Pls email for enquiries on prices or confirmation of order. Kindly place order 1 week in advance. Pls also include your name and contact number.


diva79 said...

hi..if we come to your place to collect will $20 be waivered? how many days ahead do we make our order? said...

Hi diva79,

There will be no delivery charge if you self-collect. Normal small quantity orders need to be placed 1 wk in advance for simple designs. If customised designs are required for small orders, pls give 2 wks notice.

For wedding orders, pls give at least 2 months notice so that we can discuss on concepts and details.

Perhaps you can email me your details and we'll discuss from there.

Suzy_Poo14 said...

Hi Missus,

Your cupcakes are beautiful!

And your wedding cake is just gorgeous!

You really don't do your labour of love justice with the way you describe your business!

And your beloved hubby should get a spanking too!

Lookin' forward to more pictures and new creations!

Hope to see your shop name out there soon!

May your source of creativity and inspiration be ever flowing.

melinda said...

hey. i got introduce to ur blog from smitten mag.and frankly speaking. ur cup cakes look delicious. and i would like to ask ur second latest post wif title birthdays are meant to be celebrated. are the cupcakes available for sale? how much would it be?

cupcakeculture said...

Hi Melinda,

Pls email me at for arrangement.