Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The inaugural start to exciting things yet to come!

Today marks the day Cupcake Culture is officially launched! This blog was started as a brainchild of a few girl friends who, over dinner one night, chatted about me starting a cupcake bizness. This came after yummy reviews from guests of a couple's wedding, who tried the cuppies I baked with love for their big day..

Daunted with the task of baking their reception cuppies and a 2 tier wedding cake, I doubted my capabilities. Afterall, I'm only a girl who loves baking and does it for fun and passion. It was indeed jitters and butterflies in my stomach as I whipped and mixed, but when I saw the smile on the couple's face, all was worth it..

So here's my story, and hope there are more to come!

The cupcakes in a box:

What's in the box:

The cupcake tier all set up:

Another view:

Their whimsical wedding cake:


jaspire said...

Hi gal, many thanks for baking all these cupcakes and our wedding cake and not to mention, with lotsa LOVE! We had so many raving reviews from our guests about your cupcakes! They simply loved it, it is also so convenient for children to eat as well. The reason why we wanted cupcakes is that we knew typically in a Chinese Wedding Dinner, it always starts late after 8.30pm and not wanting to keep our guest in hunger... your cupcake has indeed kept many of our guest happy! Thank you once again!

Thumbs up for your cupcakes and our pretty Wedding Cake and next time I need more cupcakes and cakes, I know who to call for more! *wink*

cupcakeculture@gmail.com said...

Hi Hi! You're very welcome my dear! It was indeed a fun experience for me. This has given me an opportunity to bless you and HK, and also a good time to showcase my humble skills! It was really worth it when I see the smiles on you and HK.. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi I luv the wedding cake..how much do you charge on this ?

cupcakeculture@gmail.com said...

Hi Anonymous,

This cake was made for a couple close to my heart as a wedding gift. I'm not making them for sale as I think the standard is really not good enough for selling. Are you having a wedding? How about considering cupcakes? They're in fashion for weddings now as they're small enough for each guest, no need to hassle over cutting and serving.

Anonymous said...

Hi..thks for your reply.
Yes my wedding will be next year so currently looking around..I love the wedding cake ..will u able to do something like that again ? I will have my solemnisation at the waterfall , sheraton tower so it will be nice having such a unique cake. My 1st choice actually is cupcake..:)
maybe you can share with me for informations to : agkwan@starhub.net.sg
Angeline Kwan

cupcakeculture@gmail.com said...

Hi Angeline,

You've got a tinker! :)

Kwan said...

Hi ..did not hear from you..so sad
Angeline Kwan

cupcakeculture@gmail.com said...

Hi Angeline,

I emailed you but was waiting for you to get back to me. I guess there must be some transmission problem. Let me forward the mail to you again tonight. So sorry about that.

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