Saturday, May 31, 2008

Show off episode

For yet another gathering of siblings in Christ! We're going to Andrew and Rebecca's home for some wholesome fellowship!

Cream puffs: The unedited version by the amateur - me

The edited version by the pro - dad

For my look-alike sister!

Everyone who knows us say we look like sisters. Those who don't know us believe those who said we're sisters. Guess who is she?

Cupcakes were ordered for her new colleagues, particularly for the one who is waving farewell to the rest. When she brought these cupcakes to office and her boss' daughter saw them, she asked her how often can she bring them..such a cute lil' girl!

30 chocolatey chocolcate mini-me's

Sisterly Love

Bought for her elder sister's birthday..

20 regular vanilla

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Birthday for a friend

A watered down version of pink and blue:

20 regular choc n mint

Chocolate overload!

A client ordered these for her friend, who's a chocolate lover. I did a taste test myself, since it's the first time I did a chocolate buttercream... and these were heaven-on-earth delicious! Cupcake Culture is proud to say that chocolate buttercream is here to stay on the menu!

Warning: Unless you're a chocolate lover, do not attempt to order these.

30 chocolatey chocolate mini-me's with chocolate buttercream

From a girl to her man

A demure lady ordered these for her man on their anniversary.

25 chocolatey chocolate

Sunday, May 11, 2008

For someone who has a special place in his heart

These were ordered by a boyfriend for his girlfriend's 21st birthday. Aww... sweet!

80 mini-me chocolatey chocolate

Birthdays are meant to be celebrated

How would you feel if a friend went all the way to make your birthday special?

These cupcakes were last minute orders from a girl to her friend. Even though she knew it was too late to place an order, she still tried.. and when I got her email order titled "Just trying my luck", my heart just went out to her, that she will still make an attempt to place an order just to make her friend's birthday so much more special. How many of such friends do we have?

Regular chocolatey chocolate

A tribute to mums..

To the woman who:
- watched us as we took our 1st baby steps
- wiped our tears when we fall down
- nurtured us from childhood to adulthood
- advised with love when we are lost and need direction
- gave us all the love she could and more

To mum, with love...

20 regular chocolatey chocolate

20 regular vanilla

20 regular chocolatey chocolate

Thursday, May 8, 2008

We're on Project Smitten!

Cupcake Culture is featured in Project Smitten's May issue! And ever since then, the chief baker's been pretty busy with taking orders, whisking and mixing!

Front cover of Smitten:


Make music, not war!

These were ordered by a jovial girl who never fails to brighten anyone's day! She got these for her colleague's birthday. He's a guitarist.. but hey! Where are the chords? These are piano musical notes!! *faints* What on earth was the chief baker thinking...

Regular chocolatey chocolate

Show off episode

Psalms 133:1

"Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!"

Pandan chiffon cake baked for a popiah party among church friends.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Cool happenings

A trip to the letterbox after a late dinner got the chief baker real excited. The reason? There was an unidentified parcel lurking at the back of the letterbox. the return address was all the way from the US. And knowing the chief baker, she's easily excited by mails out of the ordinary. Eagerly, the parcel was unwrapped, and it yielded a stack of these ultra cool namecards! These were sent by Foodbuzz to their featured publishers! Take a look:

The different designs of the namecards:

They even got the blog address printed on the back!

If you would like to know more about Foodbuzz, click on the advert banner on the right side to get to their webby.

To the good people at Foodbuzz: Thanks a million!

For a boy and a girl

These are 2 different orders from the same lady. One is for her nephew, the other's for her very good friend:

For the boy: Regular chocolatey chocolate

For the girl: Mini-me chocolatey chocolate