Saturday, June 16, 2012

Mini Baker's 1st

Our little girl is 1 year old! And everyone had a blast at her Sesame Street theme birthday bash. Of course, mummy baked a couple of cookie monster and elmo cupcakes to add to the mood!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Potluck for colleagues, new and old

The chief baker's branch at work went through a re-organisation and to get to know colleagues in the new team better, a potluck was held. Lots of food for a lot of people, and the chief baker brought her cupcakes for the party! It was a hit!

Chocolatey chocolate regular cupcakes with buttercream

Sunday, January 1, 2012

New order

A friend of Justin and Yuka has a taste of the wedding cupcakes and wanted to get some for her birthday. Since the chief baker has the support of the mister (who promised to take care of mini-baker while mummy bakes), baked she did!

Chocolatey chocolate mini-me's

Monday, November 21, 2011

Justin and Yuka's wedding

Another friend's wedding cupcakes. It's been a long time since I took up orders, but this order was refreshing and skills are not lost after not baking for so long..

Chocolatey chocolate Mini-me's for Justin and Yuka's church wedding
Close up shot

Monday, July 4, 2011

Oh how my little girl has grown!

She's 3 months old now!
Newborn Day 1
On her baby shower party @ 1 month old
Little Einstein
Her favourite time of the day, bath time!
Cheeky little girl during playtime
Look Ma, no hair!

Friday, May 27, 2011

The reason for being absent...

The blog has been dead for a real long time because the chief baker has a mini helper now! Yes! There's a new addition to the family with effect from 28 March 2011.. and so... chief baker has no time at all for sleep, not to mention baking escapades..'s some photos of my mini helper, Vanessa..

Chubby cheeks, just like mummy!

Yay! It's milk time!

Monday, February 8, 2010

The monotonous post

Ok, this is going to be a monotonous post. Why[question mark] That's because there's something wrong with the chief baker's laptop. For some funny reason, the shift key on the laptop is not working at all...

Nonetheless, there's going to be update[exclamation] This post will talk about our trip to Bangkok[exclamation] Yes, the mister and I went to Bangkok in December for a short getaway from the hustle and bustle of life. But it was even more hustle bustle in the land of smiles[exclamation]

Here's what we did, eat and saw...

The plane ride to Bangkok. The sky was awesome[exclamation]

Finally arrived at the hotel. We stayed at Eastin Hotel. Enjoying a cuppa and cheesecake with my mister while waiting for the room to be ready.

We had dinner at a nearby restaurant.

Supper at a roadside stall. Delicious banana prata[exclamation]

We visited the Jim Thompson House. The current museum is made up of 6 different Thai-style houses that were brought from different parts of Thailand and reassembled at its current location. A truly remarkable place to visit that tells of the life of Jim Thompson, the jump start of the Thai silk industry and the history of Ayutthaya, the ancient Thai kingdom.
This is my favourite piece of antique in the house. I love the composition of this photo.

Beautiful orchids in the garden of the Jim Thompson House

Gelato in a shopping centre. The display was so beautiful[exclamation]

Another pic of it

And another pic of it
There's alot more than these that we did, but these were what made the chief baker a very happy girl. Oh[exclamation] Not to forget the shopping escapades too[exclamation]

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Update pleasssseee!

A conversation between the chief baker and her girlfriends:

Claude: When are you going to update your blog? In another 3 months' time?
Jo: Yeah, no update everytime I check on your blog...
Chief baker: Wow, you girls actually check my blog?
Claude & Jo: Yes!
Jo: I like to read what you write!
Claude: I like to see the pics you upload instead.. reading your long posts makes me giddy..and I get lost halfway..
Chief baker: *giggles*

So here's to my girlfriends who are very dear to me, a little bit of pics and a little bit of write-ups.. to make sure one gets to read to her heart's content, and the other doesn't get giddy!

Cupcake order from a mummy to her girls for a good start to a new year at school

I think these were for a solemnisation..

The chief baker and mister brought the girls of their close friends for an outing to Marina Barrage

Christmas fruit cakes for a few of the aunties in church

New York cheesecake baked by me! Was trying out the recipe from a book that was a gift from a close friend. Thanks Elaine!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

The revived Cupcake Culture

I know I know... the blog's been dead for a good 3 months! It's been a pretty tough 3 months for the chief baker. Why? Because during the past months:

1. she got promoted
2. she conducted baking classes for a group of out-of-school youths
3. she went through some ups and downs in her personal life
4. she took on some new additional roles that takes away some more of precious personal time

1. Yes, I got promoted at work. And that means more work, and more work, and more work. They say promotion is based on past performance, but more so on future potential for additional tasks. 'Nuff said.

2. Ahem! The chief baker is also now a chief teacher! *grins* how did I become a chief teacher? Ok. it's gonna get messy, so here goes: a church friend whose sister-in-law has an ex-colleague who works at a student care centre for out-of-school youths. She (the ex-colleague) text her (the church friend's sister-in-law) one day, asking her (the church friend's sister-in-law) if she has any contact of someone who can conduct simple baking classes for a group of out-of-school youths to inspire and interest them. So the sister-in-law asked the sister-in-law (my church friend) for a name, and the latter mentioned me!

After some hem and haw and much liason with the ex-colleague, I finally took on this challenge. I've never had contacts with out-of-school youths, so it was a jittery 1st lesson. To my surprise, this group of 9 youths were so well behaved. Though they may come from complicated family backgrounds, they were such nice people to teach. To see their face light up at a small encouragement just makes my day.

You see, many have told them that they cannot make it in life after dropping out of school, and I believe there are umpteen times these words have hurt them to the extent that they too may think likewise of themselves, causing them to be dejected towards life. But through the 2 lessons I had with them, I see potential chief bakers, wonderful caretakers and exceptional public relations executives! My parting words to them is that though they may not be good in their studies, they may have other skills that they can explore. I also made a point that I hope they can understand, and that is they are termed as out-of-school youths because they can't study while scholars are termed as such because they excel in their studies. However, if they can look at themselves from another point of view, they can be chief bakers while the scholars may be helpless-in-the-kitchens! It's just looking at things from a different perspective.

The baking classes are going to be a quarterly affair with the student care centre, and I'm looking forward to them!

3. *Private & confidential* If I tell you, I will have to kill you.. *nah, just joking*

4. as above in point 3

Now that you know what's been happening in my life, don't you think I should be forgiven for not posting? :P

Despite the schedule I have, I managed to squeeze in some orders:

Ordered by mummy for her girls
100 chocolatey chocolate mini-me's

The same mummy who ordered the above.
Her girls loved the cupcakes so much they requested
mummy to order again in the same week.

Some experiments I made.
I call this sloppy chocolate tower.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

For a colleague's birthday

This cake was made for a colleague's birthday on 24th June. She was the supervisor of a once wide-eyed girl who stepped into the real world 8 years ago. This wide-eyed girl is none other than the chief baker. I am ever grateful to this colleague who taught me with patience. I must say it must have been really daunting, and I finally have a taste of what she went through now that it's my turn to nurture new colleagues.

To YL, cheers to more birthdays to come!

Oreo cheesecake with chocolate swirls

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Season of cheesecakes

The chief baker has been on a quest to find the best tasting cheesecake, whether chilled or baked.

This is a blackcurrent no-bake cheesecake that was made for a small girly get-together. Not the perfect tasting cheesecake I must say, but definitely one of the best looking! Aptly suitable for a girls' gathering, don't you agree?

Monday, June 15, 2009

Cheesy Cheesecake, anyone?

The youths came for an afternoon of fun and fellowship today, but work beckons me and I wasn't able to take the day off to join them. Nonetheless, a little dessert would make up for my absence! I made a chilled oreo cheesecake, and a futile attempt at some artistic squiggles of chocolate. Shots courtesy of our dear mister, who can be quite good at photography, considering that he's just an amateur.

All was gone, save for 1 slice that mister kept for the missus as dessert after dinner. In my opinion, this cheesecake is way too rich! A small slice is heaven, but too much of it would definitely be overly sinful!

My favourite shot! Taken when the cake's still in the fridge.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

For mummy's birthday!

Mum's birthday was on 3rd of June, and though I'm all passionate about baking, it has never struck me to bake a decent birthday cake for any family member's birthday. So this year, sis and I conspired to give mum a surprise that will shock the pants off her! *giggles*

I made a chocolate banana mousse cake, as mum never really liked cakes since her heydays but has a certain attraction/fascination for mousse cakes. So off we went from a primary school gathering to her home, and secretly smuggled the cake into the already crammed fridge of hers.

After dinner, we brought the cake out and sang her an out-of-tune-but-still-audibly-palatable birthday song! She didn't really seemed surprised, as mum always has a knack of guessing what her girls were up to.. needless to say, all pants were intact while the family polished off the whole cake..