Monday, February 8, 2010

The monotonous post

Ok, this is going to be a monotonous post. Why[question mark] That's because there's something wrong with the chief baker's laptop. For some funny reason, the shift key on the laptop is not working at all...

Nonetheless, there's going to be update[exclamation] This post will talk about our trip to Bangkok[exclamation] Yes, the mister and I went to Bangkok in December for a short getaway from the hustle and bustle of life. But it was even more hustle bustle in the land of smiles[exclamation]

Here's what we did, eat and saw...

The plane ride to Bangkok. The sky was awesome[exclamation]

Finally arrived at the hotel. We stayed at Eastin Hotel. Enjoying a cuppa and cheesecake with my mister while waiting for the room to be ready.

We had dinner at a nearby restaurant.

Supper at a roadside stall. Delicious banana prata[exclamation]

We visited the Jim Thompson House. The current museum is made up of 6 different Thai-style houses that were brought from different parts of Thailand and reassembled at its current location. A truly remarkable place to visit that tells of the life of Jim Thompson, the jump start of the Thai silk industry and the history of Ayutthaya, the ancient Thai kingdom.
This is my favourite piece of antique in the house. I love the composition of this photo.

Beautiful orchids in the garden of the Jim Thompson House

Gelato in a shopping centre. The display was so beautiful[exclamation]

Another pic of it

And another pic of it
There's alot more than these that we did, but these were what made the chief baker a very happy girl. Oh[exclamation] Not to forget the shopping escapades too[exclamation]

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