Monday, April 21, 2008

GOAL!! Ole.. Ole Ole Ole.....

Soccer cupcakes from a loving lady to her fiance. He simply loves soccer and futsal! Now, where's the ball??

48 chocolatey chocolate mini-me's

Busy busy..

What has the missus been up to recently? Well, pretty much everything! Been busy with the little renovation project coming up.. yup! We're getting a new oven! The new Electrolux 52l baby's just sitting in the corner waiting for the carpenter to do up the cabinet..Other than that, missus has been busy like a bee preparing for a lil surprise party for the sir. Yes! He's 31! Well, it didn't turn out to be such a surprise to the man of the house eventually, but everyone had a good time of fellowshipping..

Tiramisu in shot glasses

All that preparation and jitters made missus forgot all bout the durian birthday cake..Darn!