Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Update pleasssseee!

A conversation between the chief baker and her girlfriends:

Claude: When are you going to update your blog? In another 3 months' time?
Jo: Yeah, no update everytime I check on your blog...
Chief baker: Wow, you girls actually check my blog?
Claude & Jo: Yes!
Jo: I like to read what you write!
Claude: I like to see the pics you upload instead.. reading your long posts makes me giddy..and I get lost halfway..
Chief baker: *giggles*

So here's to my girlfriends who are very dear to me, a little bit of pics and a little bit of write-ups.. to make sure one gets to read to her heart's content, and the other doesn't get giddy!

Cupcake order from a mummy to her girls for a good start to a new year at school

I think these were for a solemnisation..

The chief baker and mister brought the girls of their close friends for an outing to Marina Barrage

Christmas fruit cakes for a few of the aunties in church

New York cheesecake baked by me! Was trying out the recipe from a book that was a gift from a close friend. Thanks Elaine!