Wednesday, June 10, 2009

For mummy's birthday!

Mum's birthday was on 3rd of June, and though I'm all passionate about baking, it has never struck me to bake a decent birthday cake for any family member's birthday. So this year, sis and I conspired to give mum a surprise that will shock the pants off her! *giggles*

I made a chocolate banana mousse cake, as mum never really liked cakes since her heydays but has a certain attraction/fascination for mousse cakes. So off we went from a primary school gathering to her home, and secretly smuggled the cake into the already crammed fridge of hers.

After dinner, we brought the cake out and sang her an out-of-tune-but-still-audibly-palatable birthday song! She didn't really seemed surprised, as mum always has a knack of guessing what her girls were up to.. needless to say, all pants were intact while the family polished off the whole cake..

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