Saturday, April 25, 2009

Can't wait to blog about!

It's something in the mailbox that the chief baker has been eagerly waiting for, with no clue as to what's to be expected. And the sender is a cousin-in-law (chief baker's hubby's maternal cousin) who shares the same interest in baking and is exceptionally talented in her creations! At every family gathering, be it birthday celebrations or special occasions, this cousin never fails to whip up the birthday cake/ dessert-of-the-day, and there is never a time where the dessert is repeated! I've always looked forward to savouring the cake, and aspire that one day I can make cakes as good!

So what came in the mailbox, you asked? A cupcake wristlet in the chief baker's favourite colour!

And 3 different cupcake recipes! Here comes more experiments with new cupcake flavours!

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