Saturday, April 18, 2009

Resurrection Sunday cupcakes

Mummy Landy organised an egg hunt on Resurrection Sunday for her kids and friends. And what better way to celebrate a successful egg hunt than with cupcakes!

16 regular chocolatey and 30 mini-me's (not pictured)

On the other hand, the chief baker baked cheese brownies for her church's sunday school kids party. (I have no idea how best to take a picture of this brownie except from the top, and it looks awful! The brownies taste great though..)


kblogs said...

I love your cupcake blog! I, too, am an avid lover of cupcakes and have a baby cupcake blog that I'm trying to give some oomph. I'd love to trade blogroll links with you. Check it out and let me know:
Thanks! -Ker

cupcakeculture said...

Hi Ker,

A very informative blog you have there! Keep it up!