Sunday, March 29, 2009

Our 4th wedding anniversary

It feels like time has been passing real fast this 1 year. It seems like not too long ago, I was blogging about how we spent our 3rd wedding anniversary, now we're into our 4th year of marriage! What did we do this year?

Because the chief baker was busy studying for her exam, There was no big hoohaa on the actual day. We just had a simple celebration with strawberries and wine. Oh! and a little choc cake too (not in time to take pictures cos the chief baker wolved it down...)

The actual celebration came after her exam. And chief baker was kept in suspense all throughout her revision, as the mister said, "Take 2 days leave. We're going somewhere to celebrate."

So the missus asked. "Where to?" And all the man of the house said was, "Secret. Just pack some clothes and bring your passport on that day."

Boy was the chief baker kept in suspense! Despite umpteen efforts to bribe/trick/coerce the mister for a small clue, he sure was tight-lipped about it...

It turned out that we were not going overseas at all! Instead, mister booked a 1 night stay in Ritz Carlton Hotel, a renowned hotel with world class service.

View of the bathroom

The room proper

View from the room

After a quick orientation of the room, we had some afternoon tea

And then the doorbell rang. We were pleasantly surprised that the staff sent up a complimentary cake. We only briefly mentioned to the reception staff that we were here to celebrate our anniversary and they took note of such minute details. It's no wonder they're known for their world class service!

Night came after a shopping spree at the nearby shopping centre, and we had some light snacks before heading for bed.

Before we know it, it's morning! And what better way to start the day with a morning devotion and a cuppa...

And that was how we celebrated our 4th year of marriage. Thank you to my dear mister, who planned such a wonderful short but well spent 'getaway'!

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