Thursday, July 2, 2009

For a colleague's birthday

This cake was made for a colleague's birthday on 24th June. She was the supervisor of a once wide-eyed girl who stepped into the real world 8 years ago. This wide-eyed girl is none other than the chief baker. I am ever grateful to this colleague who taught me with patience. I must say it must have been really daunting, and I finally have a taste of what she went through now that it's my turn to nurture new colleagues.

To YL, cheers to more birthdays to come!

Oreo cheesecake with chocolate swirls


Doreen said...

Oreos, Chocolate, Cheesecake..oh my! It looks so delicious and pretty!

hubby said...

hey dear start updating your blog :) we are all waiting for more exciting and juicy sharing from you :)