Monday, June 16, 2008

First impressions and hard work

Have you ever had first impressions of someone just from the few encounters you've had with them?

These mini-me's were ordered by the bride for her wedding at The Legends @ Fort Canning. When I saw her enquiry and subsequently conversed with her through email, a first impression of her was formed, even before meeting her. She came across as such a sweet lady, always thanking me for giving her ideas.. you see, we wanted to pack each cupcake in boxes for her guests as wedding favours, but no matter how hard we tried, we just couldn't find the boxes..

410 chocolatey chocolate mini-me's waiting to be packed

But alas! Our efforts paid off! Finally, we found the boxes! And off they go, each cupcake into a box..

410 boxes of cupcakes in the midst of packing

On the day of delivery, I finally got to meet the bride and the chance to affirm my first impressions of her. And indeed, she was all of what my first impressions were and more. Lucky is the guy who married her!

Though this order was fulfilling and gave the chief baker a glimpse of something which she'd never thought she could handle, she was dead beat by the time the cupcakes were delivered! Next came the blissful 7hrs of sleep for the overworked and grouchy chief baker.. *grinz*

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