Thursday, June 26, 2008

New experiments!

A new order from a colleague for her family. I took the chance to experiment with meringue cream and it was a success! A little soft though.. but hey! Not bad for a 1st attempt eh?

40 chocolatey chocolate mini-me's with meringue frosting.. look how smooth it looks!
Angel cupcake! Crowned with halo frosting *giggles*


Bronwyn said...

Oh! I am so inspired by these! I want to try making my own Meringue topping at home (I'm in Canada . . . otherwise I would order some of these instead). Could you give me any tips?

cupcakeculture said...

Hi bronwyn, try googling for meringue recipes, there are tons out there.

I did a test of these frosting and let it stand at rm temperature. They weren't that fantastic after-all. I'll be sticking to my all time loyal buttercream frosting..