Monday, November 3, 2008

Here kitty kitty...

We had an uninvited guest on Sunday night! We were watching tv and we heard a soft purring at our doorstep. We opened the door and saw a little kitten at the flight of stairs! It looked scared and hungry. With a soft spot for animals, we carried the poor kitten into our home and gave it some milk. It lapped hungrily at the plate of milk. After satisfying its hunger, it tried to walk around our home curiously and playfully. I had half a heart to keep this kitten, but we already have pets at home, so reluctantly, we lugged the kitten to our void deck and released it after placing a bowl of milk in case it get hungry. Just as we were leaving and waiting for the lift, kitty came back to us! As the lift opened, it walked into the lift and waited for us to step in.. but we really can't keep it, and had to carry it further so that it won't follow us.

As I thread along the void deck this morning, I eagerly looked around, hoping to see the kitten again. No such luck though. Hope this little kitten will be fine..

Kitty lapping up her milk

On another note, I made a raspberry jam swiss roll! Took me a long time before I decided to give swiss rolls a try. I'm never good with it, as it always cracks after it's rolled up. I wonder what's wrong..
see the cracks?

Took the chance to also make cupcakes with the same batter! But it looks awful, too much air bubbles.


Sarah said...

First - Awesome blog! You are so talented!

Aww poor kitty!

Just FYI - cats can't really digest regular people milk :(

cupcakeculture said...

Oh my goodness! I didn't know they can't take the milk we drink! Hope the kitten is ok..