Thursday, November 27, 2008

The irresponsibility of some people

I received an order from a boyfriend who wanted to surprise his beloved with some cupcakes for her birthday. After much liaising and confirmation, we finally agreed on the design and collection time. However, on the day of collection, he did not turn up at all! There was also no way of getting him on the number he provided, as it was a number that was not in use. It just gets to me that some people are so irresponsible that even a simple email to cancel an order is too much to ask of them. Perhaps it was also my fault, that I was too gullible not to collect a token deposit?

Anyway, painstaking efforts aside, these cupcakes were not wasted, as I have an army of cupcake lover friends who would willingly polish up every crumb of it. Thank you for your love for my humble creations buddies!

20 regular chocolatey chocolate

On the other hand, these were for a birthday party:

45 regular chocolatey chocolate

And these were for celebrating a brother's birthday:

40 mini-me chocolatey chocolate before sprinklers

After embellishments

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Food Lover said...

these cupcakes look really colourful ha!